Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What is concrete polishing?

 A. Polishing concrete is similar to sanding wood. Heavy-duty polishing machines equipped with progressively finer grits of diamond-impregnated disks or segments are used to gradually grind down concrete surfaces to the desired degree of smoothness and shine. It is usually an 8-step process beginning with 30 grit diamonds and ending with 3000 grit diamonds. 

Q. How long will polished concrete last?

 A. This is a permanent process. There's no wax, epoxy, acrylic, or any other shiny coverings applied that will eventually fail. In heavy industrial, commercial or institutional use, an inexpensive re-polish may be needed years down the road (depending on your maintenance). 

Q. What are the benefits of polishing concrete?

 A. Properly finished, polished concrete is harder, denser, and more resistant to soiling, scuffing, abrasion and damage from oil and chemical exposure. Polished concrete surfaces are exceptionally durable and require no waxing, reducing maintenance frequency while significantly extending the life of concrete and masonry. 

Q. How do you maintain polished concrete floors?

 A. Regular cleaning and removing abrasive materials such as sand and dirt from the surface will help prevent gloss loss and scratching. There are many products designed for these floors that will not damage the densifiers and hardeners used during the polishing process, along with waxes, surface conditioners, neutral cleaners, etc. Never use acidic products to clean polished concrete floors. 

Q. Can I choose the aggregate for a new concrete slab?

 A. Yes, if you are laying a new concrete slab. As well as selecting different cement colors in concrete, there are various aggregate colors, types, sizes and minerals to choose for the topping mix. You will need to discuss these options with your concrete supplier. 

Q. Can the polished concrete shine be destroyed?

 A. Yes, but it is not easy. If you pour muriatic acid on the floor, it will etch. Strong acids will destroy the shine.