Polished concrete benefits


Save with Polished Concrete

Downsizing and limiting your consumption of materials and goods are vital to saving money and polished concrete fits the bill in this regard easily. When your flooring option lasts longer and costs less to maintain, polished concrete is hard to beat. Energy consumption is decreased for lighting because of the reflective quality of the polished concrete and heating costs are decreased because the floor is slow to release absorbed heat. Clean up is breeze so requires less energy from you too! 

Polished Concrete is Economical

Polished concrete has obvious advantages in the industrial applications mainly because it is so durable. Even in the roughest of conditions, with the heaviest of traffic, no other flooring option can withstand the wear and tear as well as polished concrete. Maintenance costs are extremely low and the low production costs to create a beautiful looking floor make it very difficult to beat the economics of polished concrete in any application, commercial or residential. 

Polished Concrete is Eco-Friendly

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle should be everyone's goal to preserving our world and Texas Polished Concrete is proud to help others do just that with polished concrete.

  1. Reduce: No need to bring in new materials when we use your existing concrete slabs you have or will have in your home or building.
  2. Reuse: Concrete is made of natural materials readily available and can also incorporate other recycled materials such as glass.
  3. Recycle: Concrete can be recycled to be used in other projects such as building roads.

Polished Concrete is Energy Efficient

Polished concrete is reflective thus illuminates the room more than other flooring options. Therefore, natural light is maximized and decreases the need for artificial lighting. Concrete floors also absorb heat and slower to release it which prevents larger spikes in temperature changes, cutting down on utility costs. 

Environmental Benefits

 When you consider the harmful effects of other flooring options, and the added harm to maintain them, polished concrete stands out as the most earth friendly option:

  1. The installation of new materials adds cost and more environmental stress to create, deliver and maintain the product.
  2. Old flooring materials are added to landfills
  3. Use of harmful chemicals to treat carpet, hardwood
  4. Adding harmful VOCs into the air using epoxy coatings
  5. Using harmful chemicals to clean and maintain flooring